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The Bali Democracy Forum (BDF) was established in 2008 to create a progressive democratic architecture in the Asia-Pacific region. In the past decades, the Forum facilitated dialogues through sharing experiences and best practices in managing diversity that encourages equality, mutual understanding and respect. Throughout the years, this has become the foundation of the Forum. In doing so, the BDF has also been active in advocating the principles of democracy – namely that it must be grown and developed based on internal initiatives (home-grown); that it upholds the values of pluralism and diversity; and that it must be inclusive.


Over the years, the BDF has succeeded in making democracy a strategic agenda in the Asia-Pacific. It has encouraged countries to establish a balance between economic and political development, between creating peace and security, and promoting human rights and fundamental freedom as well as respecting humanitarian values. All of which are reflected in the three founding pillars of the United Nations Charter.


The various themes that have been discussed in the BDF have resulted in new ideas being further promulgated and shared amongst countries. Thus, new capacity programs and activities were created and widely accepted.


The BDF XI of 2018 will address the theme “Democracy for Prosperity,” opening further discussions to pertinent issues such as economic justice, initiatives and innovations, equality, and sustainability.


The main objective of the forum is providing platform for sharing experiences among state actors and invited stakeholders to understand the challenges of making democracy that deliver prosperities. At the same time, lesson learned on policies and initiatives, as well as efforts to make democracy works would be further discussed.




To extend the initiative at the 10th BDF, this year’s Forum will convene a Bali Democracy Student Conference (BDSC) where around 150 students, including the overseas ones, as well as from various universities in Indonesia will have the opportunity to deliberate and to express their views about various topics relevant to the theme of the Forum. The conference will be convened parallel to the main event of the Forum.


For the first time, this year’s Bali Civil Society and Media Forum (BCSMF) will be conducted in parallel with BDF XI and BDSC 2018. It is intended to optimize the participation of the civil society and media as they are agents for prosperity as well. 


The BDF XI Opening Session will be attended by BDF XI, BDSC 2018 and BCSMF 2018 participants and will consist of the presentation of the reports by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the host country and the Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany as the host of the Bali Democracy Forum Chapter Berlin, as well as remarks by attending Heads of State/Government.



Video of The 10th Bali Democracy Forum



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