In Indonesia’s view, democracy is not only about a successful general election. Democracy needs to be consolidated and rooted in every aspects of Indonesian national life.


Furthermore, democracy, as enshrined in the value system of Pancasila as the philosophy of the nation, needs to be projected in Indonesia’s foreign policy. Therefore the promotion of democracy is an integral part of Indonesia’s foreign policy, particularly in the Asian Region. 


Indonesia stresses the importance on how democracy should be built in the region based on its main principles which are: (i) Democracy cannot be imposed from outside. Every political development should be a ‘home-grown’ experience. It is something that must be constructed on the basis of a nation’s own historical experience and cultural conditions; (ii) it is imperative for the world’s community of nations; regardless their ideological affinity and political allegiance, to learn from each other in perfecting the methods of governance so they can better serve the larger goals of prosperity and peace. The process of mutual learning and sharing of experience would further vet the nature of democracy as a unifying factor. Also, democracy may foster a more participatory and inclusive decision making processes, this does not mean that they are more effective. It is stated that there is no substantial guarantee that democracy could surely lead to better developmental outcomes, whether in terms of stability, prosperity and anything else.

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