Bali, Indonesia, 10 December 2020


The 13th Bali Democracy Forum of 2020 will address the theme of “Democracy and the COVID-19 Pandemic”

The Pandemic brings multi crises across the globe and threatens the lives and livelihood of people, drastically shaken public health and economic structures. There are growing concern that measures taken by the government to contain the outbreak may hurting some of the core principal of democracy where excessive restriction and surveillance are strictly exercised.

The pandemic may further put a test on democracy that seemingly already in the retreat. Even before the pandemic, some studies suggest that in the last 12 years, democracy has regressed. The pillars, principles, and values of democracy are being questioned in countries traditionally known as champions of democracy.

What are the implications of COVID-19 to Democracy? What are the consequences of the responses to the Pandemic on democracy? Can we sustain democracy post-pandemic? How and in what conditions? What will be the way forward to ensure democracy remains effective to bring prosperity and justice?

The main objective of the Forum is providing platform for sharing experiences amongst state actors and stakeholders to identifying the possibility of the shift in public preference towards governance caused by the pandemic, to understand better the sequent move by stakeholders. It aims at seeking answers about the future of democracy in the wake of global crisis.

Continuing the previous Forum, the 13th BDF will be convened together with its three main pillars, Bali Civil Society and Media Forum (BCSMF), Bali Democracy Students Conference (BDSC), and Panel of Inclusive Economy, as an attempt to discuss inclusively the main theme for this year’s BDF. Each pillar organizes series of hybrid meetings in October and November on the occasion of “Road to BDF” to formulate some insights and recommendations to report within the BDF main event.

The BCSMF is intended to optimize the participation of the civil society and media, as they are also part of public policy making. The Forum connected participants from various backgrounds, such as community leaders, NGO activists, academicians, researchers, journalists, and public figures.

The BDSC is where students, both locals and internationals from various universities in Indonesia and overseas, will have the opportunity to deliberate and express their views about various topics relevant to the theme.

The Panel of Inclusive Economy was introduced as part of the BDF main pillar since last year. As the key elements highlighted the significance of the participation of all stakeholders, particularly the private sectors. The collaboration between the public and the private sector are believed to enable strengthening of the democratic system, development, and to promote beneficial conditions to all. It will further serve as a platform to thoroughly discuss issues at hands and recommend concrete actions in addressing economic challenges.

The 13th BDF will be attended by participants and observers of the BDF in-situ and virtually, the BCSMF and the BDSC as well as the Panel of Inclusive Economy representatives. The Forum will consist of opening session, Ministerial Panel, High Level Panel, and Cross-Panel Plenary.


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