Bali, Indonesia, 5-6 December 2019



The 12th BDF of 2019 will address the theme “Democracy and Inclusivity.


Inclusive democracy is a premise on the notion that democracy is not confined to merely holding of elections, having parliamentary debates or enacting laws. The concept has a much wider meaning. Indeed, the real test of democracy lies in how inclusive it is.


Success of democracy is judged by the extent to which all people have the opportunity to contribute to democratic process; and the extent of their equal access in benefiting from the fruits of democracy. The welfare and care of every single member of the society, especially underprivileged, marginalized and the excluded, needs to be taken into consideration. Inclusive democracy must necessarily evolve into inclusive development; development not taken narrowly as only economic progress but also ensuring economic and social justice to every section of population.


The main objective of the forum is providing platform for sharing experiences among state actors and invited stakeholders to understand the challenges of making democracy that deliver prosperities. At the same time, lesson learned on policies and initiatives, as well as efforts to make democracy works would be further discussed.


To extend the initiative at the 11th BDF, this year’s Forum will once again convene a Bali Democracy Student Conference (BDSC) where around 150 students, including the overseas ones, as well as from various universities in Indonesia will have the opportunity to deliberate and to express their views about various topics relevant to the theme of the Forum. The conference will be convened parallel to the main event of the Forum.


The Bali Civil Society and Media Forum (BCSMF) will also be conducted in parallel with the 12th BDF and BDSC 2019. It is intended to optimize the participation of the civil society and media as they are agents for prosperity as well.


The 12th BDF Opening Session will be attended by the 12th BDF, BDSC 2019 and BCSMF 2019 participants and will consist of the presentation of the reports by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the host country, as well as remarks by attending Heads of State/Government.


There are three main innovations characterized the 12th BDF. Firstly, there will be ministerial forum to signify the sub-theme of “Women, Inclusivity, and the State of Democracy”, derived from the general theme of “Democracy and Inclusivity”.


Following the ministerial forum, there will be four focused group dialogues with special theme engaging variety groups of participants of the BDF. (1) Dialogue on the Roles of State and Policy with the theme of “Moving towards inclusive state building”  (2) The activity of Bali Civil Society and Media Forum 2019 with the theme of Rising exclusivity and Declining Democracy. (3) The activity of Bali Youth Conference 2019 with the theme of Youth and inclusive digital democracy”. (4) Dialogue on Business and Economic Focus with the theme of “Inclusive Economy”.


After engaging participants in separate and focused group discussions to represent various elements of “Democracy and Inclusivity”, the forum will assemble on the second day for the discussion panel on general election for inclusivity, followed by closing session where representatives of each focused sessions would be panelists to report and share the main insights and tentative summaries of each dialogues. Dialogue Engaging All Participants will share ideas and experiences to “Building Agenda for Inclusion and Democracy.


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